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“My legacy is not in the length of my life, but in the width of how I lived.”

Ben Dichoso Jr.

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The Rhino

After twenty rounds of chemotherapy, two cancer surgeries, and too many CT scans and blood tests to count, Ben earned the name “The Rhino” from family and friends because he charged through chemo treatments like a rhino. He continues to charge and fight the good fight of his rare cancer disease while daily inspiring many to smile and bring goodness to others. Read more.

The Cadet

Cadet Dichoso started his career journey in a small dorm room in the town of Blacksburg, Virginia. Little did he know, his 30-year career would lead him to a corner office as a Director of Facilities and Logistics serving the Chief Operating Officer of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Read more.

The Storyteller

As we patiently wait for the publication of the Rhino Sunrise Book and the VT Cadet Autobiography, Ben can’t wait to share his stories. He regularly post his stories on the Ben Dichoso Story page. These stories will be included either in the Book or the Autobiography. Ben tells these stories now to provide daily inspiration and put smiles on your faces. Read more.

Latest Story Posts

Look Up and Get Up
"Look Up and Get Up" is very important word tool. I have gone back to these words “when you fall, look up, and get up” during many of my personal trials, struggles, and challenges …
Always Dream Big
"Always Dream Big" has been a quote that my wife and I continually share with our four children. This dream big mindset was handed down to me by my father, Ben Dichoso Sr. He …
Run Cadet Run
As I reflect on my life, I often ask what past experiences shaped me. I hope to share these past experiences with my children and other family members, giving them insights on what to …

Latest Instagram Posts


“Thank you for reinforcing my faith and being a wonderful and special person!!”

Nic, Virginia Tech Alumni

“I can only imagine what you are going through but with God’s mercy and grace, everything will be alright …”

Dr. Marc, New York Hospital

“The Captain (GOD) has cleared us for takeoff. Destination GREATNESS. Repost and book your flight!!!“

Colonel Mike, U.S. Army (Retired)

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“Tomorrow is only a promise. It’s not guaranteed.”

-Ben Dichoso Jr.

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