Quote of The Day

“If they can do it … You can do it … Dream Big Always.”

– Ben Dichoso Sr.

“When you are feeling down, watch a funny movie that makes you laugh … Laughter is like medicine for the soul.”

– Olivia Dichoso

“ … when your love ones are around you, engage and be present“

– Jen Dichoso

“We have a saying in Filipino that translates if you do not know how to look back from where you started, you will not arrive at your final destination.” 

– Ben Dichoso Jr.

‘We invest in family, education, and property. This investment strategy led us to achieve the American Dream in two generations.”

– Ben Dichoso Jr.

“To be successful in America, the next generation must build on the achievements from the past generation and learn not to repeat their failures.”

– Ben Dichoso Jr.

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