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‘Each morning I wake and think smile, you have another day to bring goodness into others lives’

– Ben “The Rhino” Dichoso

The Rhino Sunrise Book will be a collection of stories that highlight Ben’s 3-year cancer treatment journey started in August 2019 to present.

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The Rock Video

Ben was a marathon runner, community volunteer, and civil engineer. In 2019, he was running on the beach to prepare for a race when his appendix burst. He was rushed to the ER.  A month later, he found out that he had appendix cancer. Since 2019, Ben charged through 20 chemo sessions, 4 surgeries, multiple CT scans and so many blood tests that he lost count. In Spring 2021, he found out his cancer returned. He continues with chemo treatments and sharing his story.

His wife, Jen, wrote a letter to share Ben’s story with the Seven Bucks Production Team.  The team operations manager was inspired by Jen’s letter and shared it with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Dwayne responded to Jen’s letter with a video. Ben and Jen were blessed to received The Rock Video. Dwayne went out of his way to showed he cared for Ben and Jen. As the saying goes, people don’t care about what you know until they know you care. Ben repeatedly watches the The Rock Video to inspire himself to keep fighting the good fight and caring for others who need his help. We hope you enjoy The Rock Video.

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 The “Rhino Sunrise” name came from Ben’s cancer battles. After the first battle in 2019, his children gave Ben the spirit animal of “The Rhino” because he charged through chemotherapy treatments. During this second battle in 2021, he learned to appreciate every sunrise because it might be the last. Ben continues his cancer journey focusing on helping others. He reminds everyone, “Tomorrow is only a promise. It’s not guaranteed.” Visit the Rhino Sunrise YouTube Channel.

Your Greatness

“Success is not about having a lot but about making the most of what you have. But success alone however will not necessarily make you fulfilled or happy. It is how you share your achievements with others to make their lives better that will. This is called greatness. It is about living life with a purpose beyond self and family”  – Tony Meloto, Founder of Gawad Kalinga. Visit the Gawad Kalinga USA website.


“Tomorrow is only a promise. It’s not guaranteed.”

-Ben Dichoso Jr.

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