What happened to Ben The Rhino ?

“My last post was February 16, 2022 which means ten months has rolled by since that post. We have had many victories and triumphs during this period. We also had just as many trials and struggles during our family cancer journey. To start back on a positive note, I appreciate my agency who went out of their way to help me obtain a Federal Medical Disability Retirement. Of course, my first day of retirement was April 1, 2022 or April Fool’s Day. On that day, I expected the phone to ring and a person on the other side of line to say we were just fooling please come back to work Mr. Dichoso. On April 1st, there was no phone ring and I was truly retired. My agency provided a wonderful career retirement ceremony for my family and me. My wife and parents also threw a retirement celebration for me and family and friends who could not make it to my ceremony. That said for our first blog post in so many months we would like to share the retirement video that my daughter, Kate Dichoso, prepared for my retirement celebration. Please enjoy.”  – Ben “The Rhino” Dichoso

Ben’s Retirement Celebration Video by Kate Dichoso